Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back in black!

Hi everyone!

The topic's title is inspired in AC/DC's song.

Let's puts some objectives that I'm thinking these days. One of them is to continue the posts about OCJP. Another technologies that I saw theses days and I will share here are:

  • GWT / GAE
  • Spring Roo / others Spring stuff
  • Weld / Seam
  • Java 1.7
  • Groovy / Ruby / Others languages 
  • JS
  • Lucene
  • Maven
  • Design Patterns
  • WS / SOA / RESTful
  • Mobile stuff (like the SDK and frameworks for Android and iOS)
  • Things about Agile / Software Engineering / Project Management  
  • and many others things
I'll probably pickup one of these and write about with example here =).

Bye ! (I wrote "Buy" haha )

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