Monday, August 26, 2013

Time for QCon in Brazil =D

Hi Internet!

29, 30 and 31st  is the day. WHAT!? You Forgot? The QCon in Brazil will be in this week =D Here the link to the web site of QConSP2013. QCon is an awesome event! Only great lectures of great people are there. I would recommend you to visit the InfoQ (here the link for portuguese version), it is in this site that you can find the QCon videos of lectures and the interviews as well. Also in the  InfoQ you can find others great lectures from other events and articles =D It is one of (if it isn't the best ) sources of great knowledge of many technologies.

Ow, I will have a small lecture in the 29th =) I will talk about Storm =DD The tittle is "Criando aplicações mais rápidas e distribuídas com Storm"  and the description about is the following:
O framework Storm pode ser traduzido como "Aplicações paralelas e
distribuídas de baixa latência de forma fácil". Nessa palestra será
dada uma rápida introdução a conceitos de Big Data que impulsionaram a
criação do Storm e a definição de sua arquitetura, além de exemplos
práticos da utilização do framework.
I will share the link here and then give good posts about it, I promise! =)


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