Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First step ...

Hi Guys!

Let's write down some information about the exam. Hmm 60 questions to answer in exactly 180 minutes and you need to answer correctly 58,33% of it (that is 35 questions) (the info I got here link). So we have 3 minutes to each question to think and answer, not that it will occur in really, but know how to manage the time in a very important part of the key to the success. 

One observation, in the book some information changed like the number of question. I hope that the exam doesn't change the much that makes the SB* informations not useful.

One nice tip in SB* is to write down in a paper the answers on a question that you are in doubt and underline which one you fell it is the most correctly one. So then you can review those questions and change the answer if you remember about something. Talking to writing down the answer, in the book gives an observation about the Drag-and-Drop Questions that in the exam can erase your answer if you review it, so be careful and write it down to do not have bad surprises. (My opinion: how can be possible a very important software can still have such a problem like this =/)

My first impression about the beginning of this book (SG*) is it have a big set of tips for you read the book, drill yourself, how to take the exam, what is good to do on the day of the exam. I'm going to read it again after I decide something about my training. I'll just keep reading until that... Another thing that repeat many times is about to read the exam very quickly and answering just the very easy question and those you a bit in doubt too, but marking these ones to review then. I'm not confident that I'll have enough time to end the exam doing this but I will take some mocks and see how good I'm right know and if it's good for me or not.

Hmmm I need to mark my exam. Maybe a bit early, but I prefer this way. So I can see which is the best day and time and see if I need to take the day off the work.

And here comes the first technical part of the book: Declations and Acess Control

* = I prefer call SB because the Surname of both author of SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065, Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates, referring to this link 

I'm reading others materials too, but the SB* is the most complete that I found and want to comment here =)

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