Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's resume the couse =)

My last post was long long ago (2~3 days lol). But let's keep the training (of course I didn't stop to read the SB*, I just didn't post what I read in those days)

Well, this is a summary what I'm reading and understanding, so do not have a details or something that I think that not aggregate a "knowledge" value to me.

I'll try to attach the project that I'm testing things here...

Legal Identifiers
- Java is case sensitive (like names "TestCaseSensitive" and "testCaseSensitive" will different)
- Must not start with number!
- Can use any letter (including using unicode like \u0420), number, currency charactere ($), connecting character such as underscore (I didn't find any other).
- No limit of number of characters
- You can't use keywords (above will be a list of it)


(I just wrote down here the same list present in the SB*, Also i tried in the eclipse that pointed as )
abstract boolean break byte case catch
char class const continue default do
double else extends final finally float
for goto if implements import instanceof
int interface long native new package
private protected public return short static
strictfp super switch synchronized this throw
throws transient try void while assert enum

Hmmm Just put a test of code syntax highlight

I'll post some more thing in next few hours ... cya guys =)

* = I prefer call SB because the Surname of both author of SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates, referring to this link 

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