Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Path to take SCJP (310-065)

This will be the first post of many that I want to make about this exam. The fact is that I'm going to take this exam very soon due: First because I want to (its important for the carrier and so); Second due I bought it almost a year ago. In my case I have already read some books about Java before and I work using Java programming language, so I think it can help a bit.

Hmm so I need to prepare my self to take this exam ... let's see the Kathy Sierra's book* have like 900 pages, including all parts of the book. I'll try to get very hard in the training so my goal it to read and do all the exercises of 30 pages a day. Then I want to review the book to create a summary a do again the tests to the end of March I can take the exam (I'll work hard to get 100%).

Well, I promise that after some time, I'll talk about some pretty cool framework (posting tutorials, projects, explaining how the stuff works), about some other famous post in IT, about others languages and the differences between then.

Ohhh I almost forgot to mention. Yeah, I'm brazilian but I prefer to write my blog in English because some reasons, one of them is about you guys that are reading (yeah, it's true \o/) you and I can share with the whole world the information this way (in the utopia of world, but the intention is good =D). Well,  another important reason to me is that I like reading/writing in English =) Hmmm if you guys found some mistakes like misspelling or anything, please say to me to correct it that it will be a pleasure to do to me and I'll be very thankful =DD

Some about I read int he introduction of the book*:
Many experienced test takers do not go back and change answers unless they have a good reason to do so. Only change an answer when you feel you may have misread or misinterpreted the question the first time. Nervousness may make you second-guess every answer and talk yourself out of a correct one.
I cited here due it make sense to me. Like I did tons of exams in the college and I know that's true: If you have already answered something, please just change if you really know what are doing, think that you are very nervous due the exam and it brothers a lot! It is just a advice, I'm not intent to force you to think like me and teach you how to take the exam :) . Even though this sequence of posts are sometimes saying what to do, you don't have any obligation to follow it, but I'll be happy if you expose your opinion on a comment or an e-mail to we work to the best way =-D

Hmmm (almost  ZZzzzZZ) I'm going to sleep XD. Folks, thanks for everything! See you tomorrow!!!

References of this post:

Notes to myself
- I need to define a very nice and clear way to post here. I think posting the references in the end like a paper looks good. Maybe I'll try something more like a paper next post to see how it will look like.
- Review the post next time, indeed I didn't due it's kind very late and I'm bit tired and wanting to sleep XP LOL
- I like to make a lot of jokes XD It's sounds funny to me most of them lol maybe some post will be more serious just to talk more about the subject.
- Maybe this post got a bit long ... I thinks is because it is one of the first ones and I'm trying to express most of how the thing are going to be, to have people can see some of objectives in a sample (due I don't to write too much and take your time) and understandable way. 
- Good night / Good Morning / Good afternoon / Good evening (loop) ;)


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